The Tent Stars Story

 A few years ago, deep in the North Cascades of Washington State, we were camping in the Pasayten Wilderness. Our tent was set up and the northern lights were beginning to make an appearance in the sky above. While Jeb was getting started on dinner, I (Sarah) attempted to untangle a string of battery-operated fairy lights I had packed in with us (#BecauseRomantic). Later that evening, while laying under our down quilt, tucked in the tent and admiring the lights above us, the conversation went something like this: 

"This is so much better than headlamps."
"It would be great if these lights weren't such a hassle to pack along and untangle."
"Seriously - it's like having stars in our tent!"
"What if we wound them around a spool of some sort?"
"I love you."
"We could call them Tent Stars..."

And that, we like to say, is how it started. A few years later - and here we are selling Tent Stars - all because of a dream to make an idea reality, our love for magic in the great outdoors and our love of a good adventure.