Tent Stars was our solution to carrying tangled strands of fairy lights, stuffed into a little bag with batteries that die on day three. We wanted something that was compact, dependable, lightweight, easy to use - something that brought the magic and night sky inside our tent (or anywhere for that matter...)


Q. What are the specs?

A single Tent Stars 'puck' is 2" (53 mm) in diameter and weighs 1.7 ounces.

Q. How long does the battery last?

We've gotten up to 10-12 hours worth of light on a full charge, which is plenty of power to get you through the night, unless you find yourself above the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter. If that's the case, you'll probably want to have a couple pucks on you.

Q. How do I charge my Tent Stars?

One side of the puck has an integrated solar panel, so as long as there is light, the switch is turned to ON, your puck will be charging. Whether it's cinched to a pack strap to charge as you hike or just sitting in the dash of your car, once the sun sets, your Tent Stars will be ready to go.

Q. What if I accidentally leave my Tent Stars on?

To prevent unintended battery burn, we've included an integrated sensor that prevents your lights from shining when exposed to light, even if the switch is left in the "ON" position. 

Q. Can I unstring my Tent Stars?

Absolutely! The spool unwinds to provide a 12' string of stars. You can also keep the string wound around the spool and use it as a more compact light source.


Q. My Tent Stars are acting finicky and only coming on for a minute and going off again.

The most likely thing is that your Tent Stars battery is almost completely discharged. It has a low voltage cut off and will turn off to protect the battery when it gets down to a certain charge. Give it a full charge in the sun and see if that helps.